Keeping Employees Motivated While They Work from Home

These are challenging times, and working from home is a new experience for many people.

Since mid-March, we have collectively experienced a great many changes as a society. The “new normal” involves a great deal more isolation and telecommuting for most people. If you have been asked to work remotely for your job, you are probably grateful to still have a job, but realize that motivation and self-discipline are major components in your success as a remote employee. KB Staffing has a few tips to help you maintain focus and motivation for yourself or a team you are leading.

Tips to Stay Focused at Home

Working from home is a new challenge for many people, and that includes supervisors and managers. There are some things you can do to make your new routine work for you though.

  • Plan ahead. Set clear goals for what you want accomplished each day, for yourself or your team. Determine what resources will be needed for the necessary tasks, take into account any other non-work-related tasks that need to be handled – such as helping children with schoolwork.
  • Use the tools you have. Nearly everyone has a home computer or laptop now, and it’s a relatively simple process to equip one with video conferencing capabilities and other programs that you or your team might need for work. Make sure you and your team are familiar with how to use the relevant applications.
  • Open lines of communication. It is so important that remote workers be able to communicate effectively with their team leaders. Make sure you are checking your voice mail and email regularly and responding promptly to questions and concerns.
  • Be aware of the team’s state of health. Without being obtrusive, check in with your coworkers and subordinates to ensure that everyone is healthy and coping well with the situation at hand. Be supportive and compassionate regarding each other’s mental health. Everyone is under extra stress these days, and we need to be there for each other – mentally and emotionally, since we can’t really be there physically.

We’ll Get Through this Together

KB Staffing is working hard to keep the Polk County workforce employed and stable. If you need remote staff for your business in Winter Haven, Lakeland, or elsewhere in Polk County, contact us at (863) 875-5721 to learn what we can do to connect you with local job seekers.


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