Making Your Work Space More Inviting

In this modern era of high turnover at many companies, businesses are looking for innovative ways to encourage staff retention. One way to is to make work spaces more inviting, especially break areas. It may some like a luxury, but it is becoming more commonly recognized that a happy employee is a productive employee. So what can you do to make your space more inviting? We have a few ideas for you.


  • Add some original art to the walls. Use your business’s walls as a canvas to highlight what you do. Use nicely framed photos of projects or employees, digital displays, or painted logos to dress up your walls.
  • Add a splash of color. An accent color can brighten an area and make it more appealing. A little paint or a new piece of furniture or two can invigorate an otherwise stale corner, transforming it into a perfect spot to meet and talk with new clients.
  • Make it easy to recycle. In this age of social awareness and activism, more people than ever are taking note of who recycles and who doesn’t. Do the Earth a favor and add accessible recycling options for your office.
  • Update your conference room. There are so many cool tools on the market for making conference rooms sleek and interactive. Whether you choose whiteboards and markers or digital platforms with touch screens and remote controls, make it easy for employees and managers to convey ideas quickly and effectively with the tools they need close at hand.
  • Make the break room more fun. Add some board games or decks of cards to the break room. Provide free coffee and tea. A bookshelf and a comfortable chair could be tucked into a corner. Different people unwind in different ways, but everyone needs a chance to escape whatever stress they might be experiencing during the work day. A break room that provides employees with a real chance to relax shows workers they are respected and valued.


We hope these tips help inspire you to keep your office or place of business fresh and inviting. And when you need contract workers to fill positions, call KB Staffing for the staffing experience you need. Lakeland, Winter Haven, and the rest of Polk County, we are ready to fill Central Florida jobs!


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