May is Healthy Vision Month

Don’t just eat your carrots, but also follow these tips for workplace safety when it comes to your eyes.

Many of us take our good vision for granted, and don’t really appreciate it until there’s a problem. Headaches, eye strain, and blurriness can become serious issues. We at KB Staffing want all of our contract workers in Polk County to take care of their health – including their vision. We encourage all of our clients to use good safety protocols in order to reach a goal of zero eye injuries on the job. We also encourage our employees to have their vision checked at their regular physicals so they can get the corrective treatment they might need right away.

Here are a few more tips for workplace safety:

  • Identify problem areas by carefully assessing workstations and reviewing previous accident reports. Look for places with moving parts, airborne particles, or chemical hazards.
  • Invest in the appropriate eye safety gear for the task. Protective eyewear must be compliant with the standards set forth in the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 and later revisions. There are different types of eyewear for different hazards, such as glasses, goggles, and face masks.
  • Have the eyewear fitted by an eye care professional or other trained person. Protective eyewear won’t be effective if it doesn’t fit properly.
  • Encourage everyone in the company to participate in eye safety. There should be no one in a designated eye hazard zone without appropriate eyewear – ever! Employees, managers, visitors, no matter the reason, don’t take the risk.

At KB Staffing, we take workers’ safety seriously. We understand that some jobs are inherently risky, and that just makes proper safety procedures even more important. No one wants to lose an eye or their vision to a workplace accident, especially one that is preventable. If you’re on the job, use your protective eyewear. If you’re an employer, encourage good safety habits in your workers. Everyone deserves to go home at the end of the day in one piece.

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