Small Businesses Can Benefit from Rethinking Their Recruitment Process

It should come as no surprise to anyone that all businesses want the best talent they can find for their company. Small businesses are no exception! In fact, finding the right candidate for a small business can be extra challenging. You want an employee that will fit with your team while bringing their own special skills and expertise to the table. KB Staffing specializes in helping you find the right person for your company, and we also have some tips for interviewing that may help you select just the right candidate.

  • Skip the predictable questions. They’ve been around for years, “What’s a challenge you’ve faced at work?” “What’s your greatest weakness?” Potential employees are expecting these questions, and they’ve prepared for them— so much so that you will probably get a rehearsed response that reveals very little about the candidate. Try to come up with something original and specific to the job for hire in Polk County that will cause the candidate to think on their feet and respond candidly.
  • Don’t focus exclusively on qualifications. Of course, you need your employees to have certain skills and abilities, but delve into what the candidate enjoys about the type of work you’ll be asking them to do. Finding what motivates them can help you gauge their attitude about the work. It’s possible to train someone in new skills, but it’s more difficult to inspire positivity in an employee that hates the work they do.
  • Stay in touch with candidates. If you are going through an extended hiring process, make sure to communicate with the potential candidates where you are in that process. You may have a certain candidate in mind to hire, but if they don’t hear from you they may well accept another offer before you make your move. Reach out, if only to say you are still conducting interviews but are very interested in that person.

Recruitment can be a daunting task, but KB Staffing is here to help you. We can help narrow down the pool so you have fewer interviews to conduct, saving you time. Whether you are looking for temporary staffing options, full time temp jobs, or temp-to-hire jobs, we have the staffing experience to get the right person through your door.  Contact us today at 863-875-5721 or stop by our office in Winter Haven.

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