Night Shift Work Has Its Advantages

Keeping the Central Florida economy strong and healthy is a 24-hour job! From health care to agriculture, hospitality to infrastructure, the work never stops. As an expert staffing service in Polk County, KB Staffing handles full-time temp jobs for all shifts, including night shifts. Night shifts might not be the most popular work times, but there are definitely benefits to these hours.

Working on the Night Shift

Not every type of job has a night shift position available, but for those with the option, KB Staffing would like to point out the positives about working overnight.

  • Premium pay. Since it’s not a coveted shift, employers are often willing to pay a little more per hour to individuals who cover the night shifts. 
  • Little competition. Those who prefer working nights often have their pick of the graveyard shifts, because there’s not much competition for them.
  • Easy commutes. Working late shifts means you can avoid the regular rush hour traffic when the majority of the workforce is on the roads. This cuts down on more than your commute time – it minimizes stress associated with being stuck in traffic every day.
  • Camaraderie. Night shift workers are a special lot, and the only way to get to know them is to become one of them. There’s a unique bond that forms among the night owls in any workplace.
  • Time to spend with family. Working an alternative schedule means you have different free time available to spend with family, with friends, or on personal interests. It’s not just the busy dinner and bedtime routine with the kids that’s possible anymore.

Let KB Staffing Adjust Your Schedule

If a night shift job sounds appealing to you, then KB Staffing might have a position open that you’ll love. We have temp-to-hire jobs on a variety of schedules available, so stop by our office in Winter Haven to register with us so you can start your new life as a night shift worker!

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