No Tricks— Just Good Treatment. That’s KB Staffing’s Motto.

In the spirit of Halloween and anticipation of all the festive holiday fun, we here at KB Staffing got to thinking about what makes us a treat to work with. You see, whether we’re providing services for a longtime client or a new one, the customer service we provide is the same, and the standard of it has been set high. In fact, we’d even venture to say that our customer service is better than some of the big-time corporate staffing agencies, and here’s why:

Treat #1: We provide personal care.

As a full-service staffing agency dedicated to meet the needs of our clients, your support is just a phone call away. There are no recording hoops to jump through and no extensions that ultimately send you to an answering machine. When you call us, we answer. And perhaps most importantly, we are just a short drive away. If you need us, we are there, which is a big part of why our customers have often left the bigger corporate entity to begin a partnership with KB Staffing, and are ultimately more satisfied.

Treat #2: We have the expertise.

Unlike the bigger franchised staffing firms, here at KB Staffing we make it our business to know what is happening in your industry right here in Central Florida, as well as on the national level. By understanding the needs of local industries such as warehousing, light industrial, construction, office administration, citrus processing, and much more, our knowledge is more relevant and value-added than any big-time corporate staffing agency in the region.

Treat #3: We Get Results.

Beyond the two above reasons, there is one thing we know we do better than any other staffing firm— big or small— and that’s build relationships with our customers that last while providing the workforce they need. We don’t take our service to our clients lightly, and they know it, which is why they ultimately remain loyal partners for all their human resources and staffing needs. At the core of KB Staffing’s customer loyalty and continued growth is its reputation for providing personalized, knowledgeable service at an affordable rate.

Don’t be tricked into thinking that bigger is better. When it comes to staffing solutions— KB Staffing delivers on its promises, and that’s what makes us better. To learn more, or to get information, contact us today or call (863) 875-5721.

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