Tips from Your Full-Service Staffing Agency on How to Dress for Success

We had some office fun recently, posting a few Facebook photos of our canine KB Staffing mascot, Cooper, coming to the staffing solutions office “dressed for success.”

On a professional note, it really is important for job seekers to dress to impress when applying in person with a potential employer or applying through KB Staffing for one of several Central Florida jobs we have in our listings. (At KB Staffing, we do require that job seekers who use our full-service staffing company apply in person, in most cases.) The focus here is on dressing appropriately for the application process, usually the first point of contact with a would-be employer. If you make a good impression right off the bat, an interview for a position very well could follow.

For Men and Women
Your attire should be appropriate for the company and position that interests you. In all cases, wear clean and neatly pressed clothing and be well groomed. Even if it’s just to pick up an application or drop off a completed one, avoid company visits in shorts, jeans, T-shirts, sneakers, sandals, or flip-flops. Minimize on the jewelry and accessories, makeup, and cologne or perfume, and cover the tattoos and body piercings as much as possible. Give whoever sees you the impression that you’re professional, businesslike, and serious about what you’re doing.

For Women
If you’re applying for an office job, wear a dark-colored and tailored suit, with coordinating blouse, or a simple dress and jacket. For more casual jobs, business casual clothing would be appropriate. On the feet, wear closed-toe and low-heeled pumps.

For Men
Wear a dark suit, light dress shirt, tie, and clean dress shoes if you’re applying for an office/professional job. If you’re interested in car repair, maintenance, warehousing, janitorial, or similar trade work, visit the potential employer in business casual clothing.

Dress to impress before you arrive, and you’ll be sure to increase your chances of making a good first impression when you come to apply in person. If you’re an employer looking for a skilled new professional to add to your team, contact us today or call (863) 875-5721! We are a human resources solution for our clients, and we have a competent and skillful workforce available now to help you get the job done.

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