Not a Night Owl? Tips to Help You Adjust to Overnight Work

At KB Staffing, we send a lot of people into a variety of full-time temp jobs and temp-to-hire jobs working a wide range of schedules. Some of these positions involve working overnight, which is a new experience for some workers. Being successful in an overnight position can require a little extra effort when it comes to adjusting to a  different schedule.

How to Adjust to Working Overnight
Since KB Staffing does a good deal of warehouse staffing, among other types of work, we have numerous positions available that require working a late shift. If you have never worked a “graveyard shift” before, here are some tips for adapting to the routine.

  • If possible, take a position near home. Minimize your travel time by aiming for work that does not require a long commute. Since your body may take a while to adjust, the less time you spend on the road with a groggy mind, the better. 
  • Make a comfortable daytime sleeping environment. Invest in your rest by creating a space that is conducive to sleep during the day. Use curtains to block out the light from windows. Many people find that white noise helps them sleep more soundly. You can turn on a fan, get a machine that specifically creates white noise, or use an internet resource to play soothing sounds, such as ocean waves or rainfall. 
  • Think about what and when you are eating and drinking. Alcohol and heavy foods should be reserved for days off so as not to disrupt your sleep schedule. Avoid caffeine in the hours preceding your rest time, and don’t overdo it on the stimulants at the beginning of your night shift – you don’t want to experience a crash halfway through your shift.

Ready to Begin?
If you think a night shift position would work out well for you, then let KB Staffing put you to work! We are a full-service staffing company in Polk County with the ability to help you find work that fits your schedule and qualifications, so send us your resume today.

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