When the Tables Turn: How to Answer When the Interviewer Asks If You Have Any Questions

Most of us have found ourselves, at some point, sitting in an interview, uncomfortably scrambling to come up with a good answer for a question that was just asked. KB Staffing has sent enough individuals to interviews over the years to have heard practically every type of frustration or embarrassment that can happen in these situations. Our best advice for avoiding these awkward scenarios is to show up prepared. Anticipate what the interviewer may ask, and formulate your responses beforehand.

A Common Inquiry
One of the most common questions that KB Staffing finds our job candidates encountering in an interview is the dreaded “Do you have any questions for me?” This is usually asked toward the end of the conversation, and many people simply decline the opportunity to ask anything. Don’t do this! This is your chance to get clarification on any muddy areas while expressing your sincere interest and capability for the position.

The interview is not the right time to ask about salary, benefits or other perks, but there are plenty of topics that are safe to broach. For example, you may ask for more information on what a typical day on the job entails. You can show your confidence in being offered the position by inquiring about the training process. Express your interest in the needs of the company by asking what traits their ideal candidate possesses.

Don’t ask questions that you should already know the answers to, like what the company does or who the main executives are. Keep your questions brief and relevant. Be considerate of the interviewer’s time by wrapping it up in a timely manner. Most importantly, be confident in yourself!

Ready for That Interview?
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