On-Demand Workers Help Keep Business Running Smoothly

The “Gig Economy” has given rise to on-demand workers. How can on-demand employees benefit your company?

You’ve heard the phrase “on-demand workers,” but perhaps you aren’t a hundred percent sure what that really means. Basically, on-demand staffing means that a company has access to a pool of qualified employees that are available for work as needed only. On-demand workers can be brought in for a busy holiday season, for example, and then dismissed once the rush is over, without permanently severing their ties from the company. There are many companies that can benefit from this type of relationship. Is your company one of them? KB Staffing can help you best utilize on-demand workers.

How Can On-Demand Employees Help Your Company?
New technology has made it easier than ever to call employees into work a shift when they are most needed, as opposed to having to carefully schedule each shift according to historic trends and hope that you have enough people staffed at any given time. Uber is an excellent example of on-demand workers – when there is work available (a customer needs a ride), a notification goes out to drivers who are in the area and available to work. A driver accepts the fare, completes the task, and goes back to on-call status. This model can work for other businesses, too.

Flexible schedules are a major benefit for a lot of employees, and on-demand arrangements allow for an appealing level of flexibility. Workers are more in control of their own schedules, while the companies they work for are able to keep their business operations smoothly without adding the costly overhead of more full-time employees. Managers save time by monitoring the flow of business and calling in help as needed instead of sitting down to pore agonizingly over weekly schedules that have to take into account the likely staff needs of the company as well as the individual needs of the employees.

KB Staffing Has a Deep Talent Pool
One way your company can take advantage of the benefits of on-demand workers without changing any infrastructure is to make use of KB Staffing’s incredibly diverse and skilled workforce. We are an expert staffing service specializing in providing temporary staffing options for Polk County businesses. Call KB Staffing to discuss how on-demand workers can improve productivity and efficiency for your company.

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