‘Overqualified’? Turn That Label Into an Advantage

Many of us who have been in the workforce for a while – for decades, perhaps – have encountered the frustration of being turned down for a job due to being “overqualified.” As an expert staffing service handling Polk County employment opportunities for almost 20 years, KB Staffing has certainly heard this reasoning more than once. Having years of experience and skills accumulated shouldn’t be considered a drawback, so we came up with some methods to turn “overqualified” into an advantage.

Experience Counts

Employers may shy away from candidates who possess an abundance of experience in the field for a number of reasons. Some believe that the individual will simply jump ship at the first opportunity for a better position elsewhere, while others may have concerns that a new hire with extensive experience will threaten their own position within the company. An “overqualified” applicant needs to overcome these hesitations confidently.

One way to neutralize these objections is by emphasizing exactly why you want to work for a particular company. Highlight how you can help the organization achieve its objectives in your cover letter when you submit a resume. Address the specific ways in which your experiences can transfer into assets for the business in the position you’re applying for.

Remember that even though you want to present yourself as fully capable of handling the responsibilities of the role you hope to attain, you don’t want to come across as cocky or overconfident. This could work against you by making you seem uncommitted to the position or difficult to manage. 

Discuss your goals with those you list as references, too, so that they can provide support for your efforts in an appropriate manner. You want your references to speak well of you while also conveying your sincere enthusiasm for the work which you are seeking. The staffing team at KB Staffing knows exactly how to express this sentiment to our clients as we work to get you in with a great company.

Get KB Staffing in Your Corner

If you’re still worried that potential employers will dismiss you for being overqualified, let KB Staffing point you in the direction of the Central Florida jobs that will truly appreciate your experience. 

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