Polk County Positioned for Success

Perfectly positioned in Central Florida between two major metropolises, Polk County has a lot going for it! KB Staffing is proud to be a part of this thriving area and is excited about a future brimming with industrial possibilities for residents. If you thought that Polk County was all orange groves and subdivisions, think again! We are lucky to have an excellent mix of resources that will help the Central Florida economy flourish as we move ahead. 

The Benefits of Polk County
Polk County is a major hub for transporting all types of commercial and industrial goods. Not only do we have international airports — Tampa International Airport and Orlando International Airport just an hour away in either direction — Lakeland has its own Lakeland Linder International Airport, which hosts an Amazon Air cargo facility.

There are also three seaports within a 90-mile drive of Polk County — Port Tampa Bay, Port of St. Petersburg, and Port Manatee. These shipping hubs are invaluable resources to manufacturers looking to transport their goods overseas. At KB Staffing, we can foresee plenty of businesses coming to our area to take advantage of this easy access to the global marketplace.

Central Florida is also home to a robust and diverse labor pool. The Polk County workforce consists of almost 400,000 individuals, and there are numerous colleges, vocational schools, and training centers to help workers excel in their chosen fields. KB Staffing is an expert staffing service that works closely with job seekers to ensure that area businesses are able to easily recruit the best candidates for their Central Florida jobs.

Get Ready for the Future!
Central Florida and Polk County are ready to greet the future with gusto! KB Staffing is passionate about supporting our local businesses and organizations, and we know that we will soon be welcoming plenty more companies to the area. With all we have to offer, Polk County is simply too good to pass up.

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