Protect Your Skin Against Central Florida Heat and Sun if Working Outdoors

If you have lived in the Sunshine State for a significant amount of time, or have visited enough times, you know that Central Florida is known for its regular, sun-filled days. Summers in Central Florida have record heat indexes, having reached into the 100s some years, and coupled with unbearable humidity to make anyone sweat.

For those with outdoor jobs, protecting your skin against the harsh sunlight could keep you from getting sunburns that could increase your chances of skin cancer. The way to prevent skin cancer is to take the proper precautions each day as you work in the sun, as we learned through an online article on the Skin Cancer Foundation website. 

Before venturing outside, start with putting on sunscreen that is at least SPF 15 or higher and water-resistant for when you sweat or work with water in some capacity. It is important to use sunscreens that are gel, stick or lotion and cover over areas like the lips, ears, arms and backs of hands, reapplying all sunscreen every two hours.

Long-sleeved shirts and pants or shorts that go to the knees are important to wear when working outdoors to protect against ultraviolet radiation, or UV rays. Wear a hat that has at least a three-inch brim and a flap in the back to protect your neck (which some hardhats already come equipped with). Sunglasses are also important to wear to avoid extra UV exposure to the eyes.

While working, be sure to take breaks when you can to drink water and cool off in the shade, whether inside a designated building and/or shelter or temporary shade under trees. Try to organize your job to get the more sun-exposed tasks done before 10 am or after 4 pm and always let someone know if you need medical attention of some kind due to heat stroke and/or dehydration 

Now that you know how to protect yourself against the sun, you are ready to start a new job and KB Staffing can help with several local employment opportunities in Polk County. Visit us in person at our Winter Haven location or apply online to submit your application!

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