Questions to Ask When Hiring

Why should your business hire temporary workers? Well, there are many reasons. Sometimes you need someone to fill in for an employee on a leave of absence. Other times you need extra hands for the busy season. Some projects require more work than your regular employees can handle. There are plenty of reasons to bring some short-term help into your workplace, but there are a few main questions that you should ask prospective hires.

Just as there are many reasons why you need temporary help, there are many reasons for an individual to take a temporary assignment. A few simple questions will help you get a feel for the candidate and why they are interested in temp work.

  • Why do you want a temporary position? This simple, straightforward question can be very enlightening. The candidate may be saving for a special goal, or trying out different industries, or perhaps they haven’t yet decided where to settle down to live. Simply asking why they want to work a temporary position can help you determine whether or not this person will be sufficiently dedicated to the task at hand to hire.
  • What motivates you to work hard? This question will help you gauge if a candidate is going to be willing to give this job their best effort. You want someone who is going to be willing to get the job done even if they don’t have a promise of lasting employment. Yes, some temp jobs are temp-to-hire jobs, but not all of them, so you want to know that your candidate has the self-motivation to show up and get the job done.
  • Why do you want to work in this field? Obviously, some temp workers are just looking for any job they can find. However, you still want to find someone that has some desire to be there. You want a candidate that has done some level of research so that they understand what the job entails and what your business’s mission is.

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