Relocating? You Better Have a Work Plan

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic when it comes to travel, it’s estimated that over 36 million Americans picked up and moved over the last couple of years. At KB Staffing, we definitely understand the need to try something new from time to time! However, finding work after relocating can sometimes be a challenge. 

Getting Back on Your Feet After a Move
Being in a new area can be exciting, but also very challenging. The professional network you’ve cultivated over the years may not be relevant in your new home. You may not know what companies are good to work for yet. 

Fortunately, if you have relocated to Polk County, you already have one ally in your corner – KB Staffing. Our full-service staffing company in Polk County will help you find the right job for you as quickly as possible. Here are some tips for laying the groundwork for your success.

  • Get your social media game going. Get online and update your profiles with your new location, and the fact that you are on the market. Make sure that your web presence is appropriate and professional!
  • Do your homework. Research the local job market, ask your neighbors questions, look up the companies in your area online to see what it’s like working for them. 
  • Be available! Don’t be hard to reach – make sure you are checking emails, your cell phone is turned on, and you are responding to real efforts to connect with you. 
  • Sign up with a local staffing agency. Full-time temp jobs are a great way to learn about a company from the inside, so make sure you get in with a company like KB Staffing right off the bat so you can start working when you’re ready.

Welcome to the Neighborhood!
If you have recently relocated to Polk County, let KB Staffing be the first to wish you a warm welcome! Our temp-to-hire jobs are a fantastic way to find work, so be sure to let us know you are here and ready to get started by sending your application in today.

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