Workforce Trends to Watch in 2022

Here we are, well into 2022. We’ve heard a lot about what to expect this year, so how are things looking now that we’re into it? As a full-service staffing company in Polk County, KB Staffing makes it a point to keep up with workforce trends.

What 2022 Is Bringing Us
We’ve heard a lot about the “Great Resignation” over the last few months. So what is it that workers are looking for now? KB Staffing has a few answers.

  • Remote working. More people than ever want the chance to work from home. The pandemic has really brought to light how many positions can truly be performed remotely. Wise employers are keeping this in mind as they reorganize their vision for what their worksite looks like.
  • Health and safety are paramount. People want to feel safe at work – safe from violence, disease, and other threats to their well-being. Employers are taking these issues seriously and instituting measures to protect employees and address all their concerns, from the threat of viral illness to mental health issues.
  • Alignment in values. Employees want to know that they are working for a company they can believe in. Company values and beliefs are coming to the forefront of employee awareness and factoring into the decision of whether or not an individual wants to be associated with a company, both as a customer and as a worker. 

If you’re uncertain as to how your company appears in the eyes of potential employees, KB Staffing is happy to assess that for you. Our close connections with the Polk County workforce gives us a unique understanding of what Polk County employees want to see offered in Central Florida jobs

Get to Work with KB Staffing
Discerning employees can trust KB Staffing to help them find work with a company they can trust and respect. Area employers can count on us to send them workers that are reliable and motivated. KB Staffing has temporary staffing options to help create meaningful Polk County employment opportunities for everyone.

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