Safety is Key When it comes to Driving through Road Construction

One can never be too careful when driving a two-ton motor vehicle, especially when it is driving beside ongoing road construction. KB Staffing, for one, is adamant that workers— whether temporary, temp-to-perm, or full-time temp— hired through us are aware of road safety precautions to keep themselves and their co-workers safe while on the job.

However, accidents between construction workers and people driving by job sites can occur more times than you may think.

In 2014 alone, there were 669 fatalities from work zone crashes, which accounts for about two percent of roadway fatalities nationwide, according to the most recent data available from the Federal Highway Administration. Roadway fatalities of construction workers has decreased since 2005, but the common culprits of construction deaths are run-over/back overs of workers and vehicle collisions.

These statistics in mind should remind drivers that you shouldn’t be distracted when headed into an ongoing construction zone. Stop texting and put your phone away altogether when entering a work zone area, keeping both hands on the wheel and attention focused on what lies ahead on the road. Everything, including changing the radio station to your favorite song, can wait until you have safely passed this dangerous area.  

As a motorist in Florida and around the United States, you might typically see signs that say “Speeding Fines Doubled When Workers Present,” “Road Work Next X Miles” and even “Slow Down. My Mommy/Daddy Works Here.” When you see these signs, make the conscious decision to slow down and be watchful of construction workers and flaggers in your car’s path.

Remember, someone’s mommy and/or daddy is hard at work getting roadways safe for our use, so what we can do in thanks is slow down, be alert, and consider the signs.

KB Staffing would like you to know that we also have a full-time MOT Advanced instructor on staff to give classes for certified flaggers on site. Learn more about our flagger certification classes through our link here,, as well as apply online to KB Staffing’s website for current jobs, visit us in person at our Winter Haven location or at (863) 875-5721.


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