Knowing First Aid Saves Lives and Improves Careers

At KB Staffing, we make sure our available workforce is not only competent in their field of expertise, but also adheres to safety regulations within their industry.  In addition, we look for those individuals who go above and beyond to help ensure that they are safe in the workplace, as well as those around them.  Imagine for a moment, that someone suddenly collapses at your job and, as everyone else stands helplessly watching, you take action and begin performing CPR on your unconscious co-worker. He finally comes to just as the paramedics arrive, and you realize that he is alive and well because of you.  

Sounds like an unbelievable scenario, but statistics don’t lie, as sudden cardiac arrest attributes to 13 percent of workplace deaths, according to the National Security Council. Basic CPR training and first aid, as shown on NSC website, could prevent at least twenty-five percent of emergency room visits.

Besides potentially saving lives and helping wounds heal, knowing first aid could also benefit your career as a temp or temp-to-perm worker. Being familiar with first aid makes you more attractive on a resumé because it shows you are dedicated, reliable, and motivated to get a certification— one that is helpful to fellow workers. 

If you are desiring an employment opportunity where you can climb the ladder and be counted on to supervise others, first aid training can show potential employers you are a leader and able take care of those you are in charge of because of knowing these life-saving skills.

The even better news is that first aid training can be easily found in local communities, from free to an affordable fee. Citizen CPR, a non-profit educational training organization, offers people certification training and free non-certificating training for Polk County. They are located in Lakeland while many local chambers and clubs sometimes offer free first aid training periodically throughout the year.

So, what can a few hours of becoming certified in first aid knowledge do for you? It can help that unconscious co-worker live another day, while ensuring that you can be seen as a capable leader by your bosses and co-workers.

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For more information about first aid and other certfications, visit Simple CPR at and Citizen CPR at


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