Shout-Out to Warehouse Workers!

KB Staffing understands what it’s like to work in a warehouse, and we celebrate those who do.

Have you ever wondered what life is like as a warehouse worker? KB Staffing does a lot of warehouse staffing, so we know a thing or two about what being a warehouse worker is all about. Warehouses comprise a sizable portion of the Central Florida economy, so we truly value the individuals who dedicate their days (or nights) to keeping Polk County and beyond operating on a day-to-day basis. 

What It’s Like to Be a Warehouse Worker
If you have never worked in a warehouse, you may not realize what is actually involved in this career. KB Staffing knows what it takes to be a great warehouse worker, and we’re happy to share!

  • Getting ready. Working in a warehouse is a physically demanding job, so many workers will do some stretching or warming up before beginning their shift in order to prevent strains and injuries.
  • Goal-oriented. Different companies will have different goals and priorities, but many will review what is expected of their employees during that day’s shift before they get started.
  • Particular roles. There are several positions common to almost every warehouse: Receiving, Picker, Operator, Loading, and Returns. Employees may be cross-trained, but generally perform just one role at a time. It takes a team to get the job done quickly and efficiently.
  • Taking breaks. Warehouse work can be physically and mentally taxing, so taking scheduled breaks is important. Most supervisors will make sure employees have at least one break before lunchtime and another sometime afterwards.
  • Long hours. A typical warehouse shift is between eight and 12 hours long. The labor can be strenuous at times, and repetitive, too, which can really wear a person out. Some cool-down exercises and stretches can help release the day’s tension before heading home to spend time with loved ones and get some good rest.

Warehouse Work Available Now
There are always warehouses looking to fill full-time temp jobs and temp-to-hire jobs in Central Florida, and KB Staffing has connections with many of them. When you consider what Polk County jobs might be right for you, don’t forget to consider working in one of our many reputable warehouses!

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