Show the Boss You Deserve a Raise

When you’re good at your job, a conscientious employee, and you’ve been with a company for a fair amount of time, it’s reasonable to want to see some appreciation in the form of increased compensation. However, some people find it uncomfortable to ask for a raise. KB Staffing has some suggestions for those of you who would like to see your pay go up without the stress of renegotiating your salary.

Show Them What You’re Worth
KB Staffing has been working closely with the Polk County workforce for years, and we understand the frustration of employees who feel they’re not being adequately compensated for their efforts. A few strategies can help you stand out and get noticed positively by the boss.

  • Be the local expert. Learn all you can about the work you do. Become the person everyone goes to when they have any questions about processes, programs, accounts, or anything else relevant to your workplace.
  • Find a mentor. Identify a colleague that is well-respected, highly competent, and someone you’d like to emulate. Establish a good working relationship with them and seek their guidance when you feel challenged. Chances are, they’ve been there and learned some tricks for overcoming the same obstacles you’re facing.
  • Be an ambassador for the company. Your professional success with a company is dependent on that company’s success, so be enthusiastic about promoting the business you work for. Bringing in new customers or clients is a great way to help the company flourish.
  • Make the boss look good. A little ego boost can go a long way, so look for opportunities to help your boss shine. They’re more likely to look favorably on you when talk of promotions and raises comes up if you’ve given them a hand along the way.

KB Staffing Has Your Back
When you work for KB Staffing, you know you have someone on your side. Whether you’re working a full-time temp job or doing a temp-to-hire job, we’ll ensure that you’re receiving a fair wage.

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