Keep Negativity From Souring the Workplace

Everyone has a bad day now and then, but if you’ve ever worked in a place where it seemed like every day was a bad day for everyone, then you know how much stress can be caused by negative attitudes. Low morale is detrimental to productivity and increases turnover. If this scenario sounds familiar, then KB Staffing would like to offer some guidance for improving the atmosphere at your workplace.

Changing the Vibe at Work
As a full-service staffing company in Polk County, KB Staffing has heard plenty of stories over the years from people who are looking for work because they simply can’t stand their current workplace anymore. From apathetic co-workers to spiteful managers, hostility and indifference can poison an environment for everyone.

The best way to handle a workplace that’s turning sour is to be proactive about sweetening things back up. If you’re in a position of authority, truly listen to the concerns of workers. Take note of common elements so you can take action to rectify a situation before it becomes intolerable.

If it turns out that the common element is one or two toxic employees making everyone else miserable, address that by having a private meeting with the problematic individual(s) to discuss their behavior or comments that are upsetting the others. The goal should be to gently correct the offender(s) so as to reduce friction within the team, but if this approach is unsuccessful, then you may need to consider what options are available for relocating the individual(s) to another department or work station. 

Once you’ve investigated what’s creating unnecessary problems and taken steps to improve the situation, keep things moving in the right direction by adopting new measures to show employees encouragement and appreciation. Let people know when they’re doing a good job, and reward their efforts when possible. We all want to know that our hard work is acknowledged, so don’t let silence send a message that you don’t care.

KB Staffing for the Win
At KB Staffing, we strive for excellence and encourage our workers to do the same. If staffing shortages are causing stress on your team, call KB Staffing – we have temporary staffing options to fit any situation.

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