Take Time to Take Care of Yourself

These are strange days – be sure to take care of your mental health.

This has been quite a year! Can we all just agree that if we make it to the end of 2020 in one piece, we’ll work a little harder to take care of ourselves and those around us? Maybe make a little time for our mental health, and extend a little more understanding to those who may be struggling to keep it together. At KB Staffing, we know that this has been one rollercoaster ride of a year, and people are dealing with the changes as best they can. 

Caring for Your Mental Health During COVID-19
It is so important to look after your mental health, especially during times of unprecedented stress and uncertainty. While you do everything you can to limit your exposure to coronavirus (practice social distancing, wear a mask properly, wash your hands frequently, etc.), don’t forget to take the time to practice self-care as well. Here are a few things you can do.

  • Set a daily routine. Having a regular routine that you stick to will help combat that sense of “timelessness” that many people are experiencing during quarantines. 
  • Find new ways to interact socially. This digital era we live in makes it easier than ever to connect with friends and family without getting too close for comfort, but there are other ways to keep in touch, too. For example, revive the art of personal correspondence by investing in some nice stationery and begin writing letters to your loved ones.
  • Know where to seek help. Don’t feel bad if you feel bad! That is, don’t be afraid or ashamed to ask for professional help when you are having a hard time coping. You’re not alone. Research mental health professionals in your area ahead of time so that if you find yourself nearing your breaking point you know where to go for help.

KB Staffing Will Be Here
KB Staffing cares about our community. From Winter Haven to Lakeland, throughout all of Polk County, we want our employees and potential employees to know that their well-being is important to us. If you need time off of work, just ask. We are happy to accommodate your needs the best we can. If you are looking for work, let us know. At KB Staffing, we have open positions and would love to help you find one that suits you. 

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