The Value of Time

We’ve all heard about the importance of making a good first impression. This is especially true at job interviews. One important thing that you can do to present yourself well is to show up on time. Whether you are coming into KB Staffing for your first consultation or heading out to your umpteenth job interview this year, make sure that you arrive promptly at the correct time.

Why Is Punctuality Important?
You’re a busy person – why is it so important that you adhere to someone else’s schedule? Well, because that person you’re meeting with is also busy. Your time is not more valuable than theirs, so respect the interviewer by showing that you value the time they are investing in you.
Another reason you should be on time for an interview is to show that you are able and willing to show up to work on time. Companies lose productivity when employees don’t come to work when they are supposed to, and this tends to make upper management unhappy. If you can’t make it to the interview on time, why should they expect you to make it to work on time?
Speaking of the value of time, it’s a bad idea to leave a job without giving proper notice. The standard is to give two weeks’ notice if you plan to quit. You might not care about the company’s productivity or your coworkers’ workloads if you are on your way out the door, but you might care what these people have to say about you to your next potential employer.
Even if it isn’t in an official capacity, such as a letter of recommendation, it stands to reason that people talk to each other – and you might not be aware of the social relationships between past and future employers and coworkers. So don’t take any chances by being inconsiderate – value your teammates’ time by being punctual and giving appropriate notice before quitting.

KB Staffing Offers Positions with Flexible Schedules
When you are looking for full-time temp jobs, temp-to-hire jobs, or seasonal job opportunities, contact KB Staffing. We know what Central Florida jobs are in need of being filled fast, and we can help get you in the door. KB Staffing is a full-service staffing company in Polk County that values the Polk County workforce and the employers that help shape our community.

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