That Candidate Is Promising, but Are They a Team Player?

At KB Staffing, we are always hiring for various long-term temp jobs as well as temp-to-hire jobs throughout Polk County. This has given us some valuable insight when it comes to evaluating potential new hires. One of the most important attributes a job candidate can possess is their willingness to be a team player. 

How to Identify Good Team Players

Deciding on which candidate to hire can be tricky business. Once you’ve identified a candidate who has the right qualifications, you need to make sure they’re going to mesh well with your organization. Here are KB Staffing’s top tips for evaluating how well a potential employee will work with other members of the team.

  • Ask the right questions. During the interview, ask candidates to describe a time when they had to work with others as part of a team. This is a pretty common interview question, so follow it up with some clarifying inquiries. How successful was that team effort? How was work delegated among team members? What are some other examples of team projects the candidate has worked on?
  • Listen to the answers. As the interviewee replies to those questions, pay attention to what they say. The goal should be to determine if the individual gained progressively more responsibility or leadership in team settings, or if they wound up excluded from future team projects for some reason.
  • Make use of assessment testing. There are some very useful assessment tests that can be utilized to gain a clearer understanding of a candidate’s aptitudes professionally. Look for assessments that measure such aspects as emotional intelligence, empathy levels, and social skills. These will give you an indication of how well a person works with others.

Call KB Staffing Before You Decide

If you’d rather let an expert staffing service lend a hand in your hiring process, then call KB Staffing. Our full-service staffing company in Polk County is excellent at identifying quality candidates, saving you countless hours of interviews. 

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