Turn the Exit Interview Into a Stay Interview

If you’ve ever been in a management position, chances are you’ve had to deal with the occasional disgruntled employee. At KB Staffing, we strive to provide staffing solutions that benefit both employers and workers, so we encourage effective communication to solve problems.

Get to the Root of It

When an employee becomes disengaged from their work, develops a new pattern of absenteeism, or actively complains about the job, it’s a safe bet that something is bothering them. Prepare to face the problem head-on with these actions recommended by KB Staffing.

  1. Open the lines of communication. Be approachable and nonjudgmental as you try to suss out what the underlying issue is. Talk to the individual privately, and avoid using language or tones that could make the person feel criticized. You want to encourage honesty and openness. 
  2. Listen with empathy. Once you’ve opened a dialogue, open your ears. Let the frustrated worker voice their concerns in their own words without interruption or argument. They may not feel comfortable telling you what’s on their mind, so be patient and compassionate.
  3. Restate the facts. Take note of the objective details your employee relates to, and after they’ve said their piece, repeat back the facts they’ve conveyed to confirm that you understand what the situation is.
  4. Find a solution together. Ask the individual for suggestions on how the problem could best be resolved, and determine if that’s a feasible course of action. If it’s not, offer a compromise or an alternative solution. Then follow through on any plan the two of you agree upon.

KB Staffing Can Help

When you let KB Staffing serve as your human resources manager, you automatically have an arbitrator you can turn to any time problems arise with staff members. Our years of staffing experience have given us special insight to the needs of the Polk County workforce, and we can put that wisdom to work for you.

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