The Right Character Traits that Can Help You Get Ahead

You may have seen the previous KB Staffing blog posts about the skills that employers are looking for in applicants, but soft skills and technical qualifications aren’t the only attributes that recruiters are evaluating in job candidates. It isn’t discussed much, but the truth is that personality traits also can play a role in whether or not you get hired for various Central Florida jobs. 

The Traits that Matter Most
By now, you’ve probably learned the importance of the first impression you make, especially in a job interview. At KB Staffing, we work closely with the Polk County workforce, and with numerous employers in the area, and we’ve gained some insight as to what kind of person the typical employer truly wishes to hire.

Among the traits that recruiters like to see are patience, kindness, and tolerance. These basic traits often translate into desirable soft skills that make an employee an effective team player. Almost any job is going to require that you work with some number of other people, and not everyone communicates in the same way or organizes their tasks in the same manner. Being kind, patient, and tolerant of others makes it easier to get along with coworkers and reach organizational goals. 

Integrity and honesty are also high on the list of what employers really want in their workers. People who lie, cheat, or steal wind up causing problems for themselves, their employers, and everyone around them. Customer satisfaction tends to plummet when the customers start to realize that a company representative doesn’t mean what they say. 

Loyalty is still a big plus for employers, too. We don’t think much about company loyalty anymore, but it does matter. Employers want to be confident that they can count on their employees to stick with them for the long haul for a number of reasons.

It’s Never Too Late to Change
Take stock of your own traits and characteristics. If you were a recruiter, would you hire someone like you? A little self-improvement can go a long way towards making the most of the Polk County employment opportunities out there. KB Staffing, an expert staffing service, is here to help you accurately assess your chances of getting hired and make the most of your unique qualities.

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