Not Sure About a Job? Don’t Miss the Interview!

When on the hunt for a good job, it’s likely that you’ll apply for some jobs that you don’t really have much interest in. You may receive a call to interview for a position that seemed like a good fit for you initially, but after some more research, you’ve changed your mind. KB Staffing encourages you to go ahead and interview for a position even if you don’t think you want it, and we’ll explain why.

Do It Anyway
First of all, when considering the various Polk County employment opportunities that you’re qualified for, remember to always be considerate of other people’s time – and this includes recruiters trying to interview you. So if you set something up, whether through KB Staffing or on your own, be sure to follow through with it.

One reason to interview for a job you’re not interested in is because of the value of experience. In this case, the experience of interviewing. Many people have some jitters when it comes to interviews, so this is a great way to get real-world practice. It’s a more valuable experience than any mock interview would be.

Another reason to go through with an interview is to learn more about the position in question and the hiring company. This additional insight could lead you to discover that this would be a good job for you, or that this company is or is not one that you would really want to work for.

And just because you don’t want the job if it is offered, no one else knows this. A job offer can be used as leverage to help you (gently and politely) press another company to hire you. This is a chance to emphasize that your skills are in demand and so are you. 

KB Staffing Will Get You Hired
If you’re having trouble getting those interviews for Central Florida jobs in the first place, then it’s time to send your resume and application in to KB Staffing. With our years of staffing experience, we’re sure to pinpoint which companies would be right for you.

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