The Rising Demand for Temporary Workers

From construction and light industrial to agriculture and administrative positions, hiring practices in Lakeland and Plant City’s small and large businesses are changing. Businesses are increasingly turning to temporary staffing agencies to meet their human resource needs rather than recruiting and retaining full or part time staff themselves.

In fact, a recent article by Shannon Green of’s Corporate Counsel reports that:

“On any given day during the first quarter of 2013, on average there were 2.86 million temporary or contract workers in the United States … most staffing firms expect to see slow but steady growth in the utilization of temporary and contract workers in the months ahead. No-strings-attached staffing relationships have found favor with employers in the post-recession era,”

– Corporate Counsel, 6/5/13.

Although some may see this hiring trend as a statement on a failing economy, staffing experts point out that the economic advantages of temporary staffing have existed as long as the industry itself, and note that businesses are coming to appreciate the many advantages temporary staffing has to offer.

For example, in seasonal businesses in the Lakeland and Plant City area, hiring and recruiting consume money and other resources that may be best invested elsewhere. Ready access to a steady stream of qualified workers can be worth its weight in gold when time is of the essence.

Non seasonal businesses, likewise, may face unexpected increases in staffing needs that are project related. Though these businesses may require an influx of employees for a short period of time, once the project is complete, the need is no longer there. Financially, it is more prudent to hire temporary workers than it is to hire part or full time workers you may later be forced to lay off.

KB Staffing understands the needs of businesses in the Lakeland and Plant City, Florida areas, and are committed to helping them secure highly qualified staff on a temporary basis. To learn about how our services can help your business address its staffing needs, contact us.

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