Three Real Advantages of Temporary Personnel

Before you fill a personnel gap with someone who may not be a perfect fit, consider staffing that position with temporary personnel. Qualified, licensed temporary employees can step in and help you reach important deadlines and goals. KB Staffing is dedicated to providing you with customized staffing solutions that exceed your expectations. People who rely on temporary staff have three real advantages.

Temporary staff saves you money.Hiring a new employee costs money. Depending on what benefits your business offers permanent employees, temps don’t cost you paid vacation and sick leave. Avoiding other costs like 401k contributions and health insurance can save you some additional payroll costs.

Hire for a specific skill set. When you’ve got a dock full of supplies that needs to be shipped, you don’t need a typist or a clerk. Hiring temporary personnel to fill specific skill needs gets the job done–without any strings attached. KB Staffing offers a host of proven talent for your business needs.

You control the time. Contractors do not require the same obligations full time employees do. Whether the project is short and lengthy, you can bring on a contractor, according to your time parameters. When a project wraps up or changes direction, a contractor’s agreement can be closed without exit interviews and severance pay.

Whether you need one employee or twenty, KB Staffing can help you reach your staffing goals and our knowledge of the staffing needs in the Lakeland and Plant City areas will give you the advantage that your business needs. Contact us for a customized plan designed specifically for your business. We want our clients to succeed!

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