Things Are Looking Up for the Construction Industry in 2017

The construction industry has seen its fair share of ups and downs over the years, but 2017 marks a successful turn upwards for construction. As mentioned in an online article from the Sun Sentinel, Florida contractors are hoping to hire twenty-five workers or more this year due to this surge in construction projects.

Renewed interest in spending to stabilize infrastructure from President Trump and Congress has increased project development as well as the need for more single-family homes, retail spaces and hospitals, as stated in an online article from ETF Daily News website.

With this news comes the realization that workers are needed to keep this boom in construction going at full steam ahead, but the article also states there seems to be a shortage of experienced workers to fill these important jobs.

This dilemma demonstrates the value that comes from using a trusted staffing agency with a proven track record of recruiting skilled workers to fill open jobs, such as KB Staffing.  We take the obligations of hiring off construction contractors’ hands, supplying them with experienced workers skilled in the trades needed for the jobsites.

Using a local temp agency prevents haphazard immediate hires from happening that might result in lost work time and resource abuse, instead bringing qualified workers who are well-versed in several trades and can be available for any temp to temp-to-perm position.

Contractors can rest easy in knowing that workers sent from staffing agencies will be reliable and have the necessary tools and training to get right into the thick of work, and will return the next day to finish the job and help where needed.

KB Staffing, for one, makes it a daily goal to supply quality workers as soon as possible to contractors in shortage of working hands. This brings a sigh of relief to know workers will be there whenever a need arises.

Contact us today to find out how we can provide personalized staffing solutions for your company to keep business thriving. If you are an experienced worker looking for a construction job, apply online right now and get involved in the construction boom.


– Facts courtesy of Sun Sentinel and ETF Daily News websites.

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