Three Tips for Job Seekers this New Year

As We Enter a New Year, Job Seekers Can Make a Great First Impression With These Three Important Reminders

If your New Year’s Resolution involves a new job, KB Staffing can help. Our expert staffing service has some tips to help you make a great first impression as you go through the job application process.

  • Be on time. Punctuality is important at the interview as well as on the job. When interviewing, plan to arrive about 15 minutes early so you have time to settle in and observe the workplace. Be polite to everyone you encounter on the way in. First impressions are also important, and you can demonstrate your ability to work well with people who will be your future potential coworkers by being polite and courteous.
  • Stay focused. The interviewer is going to ask you a lot of questions, such is the nature of an interview. Your goal is to give concise answers that paint a positive picture of your skills and abilities. Don’t get off topic by allowing yourself to ramble. Your answers should be sincere and truthful. Prepare for the interview beforehand by practicing your answers to commonly asked questions so you will have confidence as you answer.
  • Express thanks. Use good manners throughout your interview process. This includes thanking all those who interviewed you. A firm handshake with a “thank you” at the end of the interview can be followed up by a nice card or email. It’s not the sort of thing that will necessarily make or break an interview, but it can keep you top of mind when a lot of others might be applying for the same position, even if it is temp work.

We hope these tips help you make a great impression at your next interview. KB Staffing is poised to help you find that perfect temp job or temp-to-permanent position in Lakeland, Winter Haven, or elsewhere in Polk County. We have the staffing experience in Central Florida you are looking for, so make your resolution to call us to get your career moving in the right direction.

For more information about Polk County employment opportunities, go to our employment opportunities page, and then apply online or in person.

If you are a Central Florida business in need of our specialized human resources solutions, contact us us at 863-875-5721.

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