I’m Looking for a Job! Three Tips to Maximize Job Opportunities

Today’s job market is more intense than ever, even here in the Lakeland and Plant City areas where opportunities are increasing daily. Whether you are looking for your first job right out of college, you are rebounding from a layoff, or you want to explore a new direction in your career, there are three things you can do today to maximize your job opportunities.

  1. Take advantage of temporary assignments. While many professional job seekers viewed temporary jobs as obstacles to a successful career 10 years ago, these assignments are now tools for successful job seekers in all industries. A short term assignment can prevent a gap in your work history while allowing you to learn new skills that could qualify you for a wider variety of jobs. Many short assignments turn into long term or permanent positions with companies that might otherwise remain out of your reach.
  2. Establish a presence within the city you want to work. So many job seekers limit their time to searching for new online listings, but you need to step away from the computer sometimes and get out into your community. Take a walk through the main business areas of Winter Haven, Kissimmee, Plant City, Mulberry, and other cities within a reasonable distance from your home. Dress professionally and take business cards and a stack of resumes.

    When you find a business that may in any way need your skills, walk in and introduce yourself. Leave your business card and perhaps a resume, and ask if you can apply on paper or through their website if they have job openings. You may not get many on-the-spot interviews, but make sure you are prepared for one if it does come along.

    If you come across KB Staffing, stop in and say, “I’m looking for a job!” We may be the best lead you find.

  3. Do not assume that you are aware of every job available in the Lakeland and Plant City areas. Many companies now work primarily through KB Staffing to meet their human resource needs because they do not have time to sort through the flood of applications and resumes that will overrun their desks if they post their positions online or in the News Chief.

Definitely do your own research and see what listings you can find independently, but make sure to contact us before you decide there is nothing out there that suits your needs. We may know of a position or two that isn’t well advertised.

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