Why a Staffing Agency is a Better Choice Compared with Job Searching Websites

Today’s job search market has become focused on being more accessible to job seekers worldwide, seen as with just a few short clips you can locate jobs in your career field, read job descriptions and even submit your application for a job.

However, job seekers can see that websites like Indeed and ZipRecruiter don’t provide the one-on-one interaction that a full-service staffing agency can, with the same people accessible to job seekers through email, phone and in person.  

Staffing agencies like KB Staffing have many of the features that the above mentioned job websites include, but what makes them different is that agencies concentrate on getting to know the applicant and the company hiring to see how the two can fit together for a successful job union.

For employers hiring, a staffing agency will learn from the employer what type of labor is needed, whether workers need to be bilingual and how quickly workers are needed to be at the jobsite, or office, in the next few business days. Help is also available in HR matters, where a staffing agency can help with handling unemployment claims, compensation claims and any typical issues that arise for human resources.

For job seekers, the same personalized service for employers is also given to potential employees, starting with knowing that your application is getting into the hands of the hiring manager/foreman soon after submission. There are a variety of jobs available, from temp to temp-to-perm to full-time temp in multiple areas of careers, from office administration to construction to agriculture and more, in a variety of local areas in Central Florida.

Some staffing agencies, like KB Staffing, also may offer certification courses onsite to help workers be more experienced and able to get right into work upon being hired.

Needless to say, job search websites are helpful in informing you on who’s hiring and getting your application sent to the right people, but with a staffing agency, the help continues on well after you are hired.  

KB Staffing would like you to see their staffing solutions in action so contact us today to find out what we can do for you, employee or employer. You can even apply online to send in your application for current temp openings or visit us in Winter Haven to apply in person, Mondays through Fridays from 9-11 am or 2-4 pm.


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