Heat Stroke: What to look For to Help Save Someone’s Life

In the summertime, it is noticeable to see people of all ages outside in the Florida sunshine in many forms of work and play. However, our high temperatures, frequent sunny days and extreme humidity can cause many to fall victim to heat stroke and many other related heat illnesses.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention website, at least 618 people have died in the United States each year due to extreme heat, many of which can be preventable.

That statistic alone should inspire many of us to take the proper precautions to keep heat stroke at bay, whether we are enjoying the day out with family or working among the numerous Polk County construction, roadway and community projects currently happening.

So what should you be mindful of in determining if you or someone you know is experiencing heat stroke? The CDC says definite signs of heat stroke include dizziness, high body temperature (103 F or above), headache, nausea, confusion, fast pulse, hot, red and/or damp skin, and passing out. If and when you notice someone displaying these symptoms, be sure to move the person into a cooler area indoors (or in the shade) as you lower his/her body temperature with a cool bath or cool compresses. Do not have the person drink anything, and be sure to call 911 for an ambulance.

To alleviate heat stroke and other heat-related illnesses, be sure to stay hydrated (whether indoors or outdoors), dress in loose-fitting, light-weight clothing, take frequent breaks indoors to cool down, wear sunscreen and plan your day outside accordingly to when extreme heat might be most prevalent. It is even suggested to avoid heavy meals and reduce sugary drinks, replacing them with water, while outdoors.

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