Why Hire “Temporary” Personnel for a Permanent Position?

You have an open position to fill, or maybe several and you want to be as efficient as possible with your HR man-hours. It makes sense to dive right in with a full-force recruiting campaign; interview, screen, test, and make an offer to the best candidate. Even once that hurdle is passed there is much to be done in the form of paperwork and processing. At this point, one of three things is likely to happen – the first is the ideal situation, the employee turns out to be a good fit and remains productive for years to come. The other two possible scenarios can undermine hiring efficiency. The candidate might accept another offer and leave after a short time on the job, or, it might not be as good a fit as it seemed at first, and terminating the employment relationship is in the company’s best interest. Everyone hates that option, in particular the manager doing the terminating.

So, back to the original question, why hire temporary personnel for a permanent position? Temporary hiring options give employers the flexibility they need. A full-service staffing agency, like KB Staffing in Winter Haven, can provide a variety of options to suit each individual employer. Options such as Temp-to-Hire or Full-time Temporary can eliminate the stress. Applicants are screened in advance, so employers only meet with qualified candidates. Paperwork is completed by the staffing agency, taxes and unemployment liabilities are handled as well. Hiring temporary personnel means writing only one check. No more countless man-hours wasted – the HR work is done!

As is often the case with temporary personnel, the fit is so good that the relationship becomes permanent. That is the beauty of flexible hiring solutions by KB Staffing. Centrally located in Winter Haven, KB Staffing works with large and small companies in Lakeland, Plant City, Auburndale and Bartow to provide the best hiring solutions with full-service human resources management. To get the most out of your hiring dollar, call KB Staffing. KB Staffing will fill your temporary and permanent positions, while providing flexible options that work for you.

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