Why Hire Temporary Personnel?

Temporary personnel are becoming more and more prevalent, beyond the traditional fields of administration and skilled construction. Even so, there are many misconceptions about staffing agencies and temps. Temporary, temp-to-hire, and temporary full time workers keep business moving throughout Polk County, from Bartow and Lakeland, to Plant City and Winter Haven.

One misconception about temporary staff is about the qualifications of the workforce, or lack thereof. The truth is that a reputable staffing agency will pre-screen and qualify candidates before sending them out on a job. Recent shifts in economic norms have put some exceptional talent into the temporary workforce. A phone call to a staffing firm is all it takes to find an ideal match for your company.

Another mistaken belief is that staffing agencies are more expensive than traditional recruiting methods. Compare “apples to apples” and see that the opposite is true. Recruiting the best staff begins with screening, testing, and interviewing. Once a new employee is hired, the cost is far more than the salary. Payroll taxes, workers’ compensation and liability insurance can add quite a bit to the price of an employee beyond the stated wages. Then there is the paperwork. All of these tasks require internal man-hours. Unless a company has a dedicated human resources manager, other employees are taken away from their main responsibilities to complete the extra work, diminishing productivity. Add up those hours and expenses for a realistic cost comparison. Staffing agencies can provide full-service human resources management at a fraction of the cost of in house recruiting. Write one check, instead of several by using a staffing agency.

Serving Bartow, Lakeland, Plant City and beyond, KB Staffing in Winter Haven does all this and more to match available skills and talent with the needs of companies across Polk County. Temporary personnel, full-time temp and temp to hire employees from KB Staffing are always a great addition to any office, warehouse, lab or construction job. KB Staffing can offer easy HR packages with the flexibility to work with each customer individually.

If you need top-notch staff in Bartow, Lakeland, Plant City or Winter Haven, then KB Staffing is the number one reason to hire temporary personnel. KB Staffing delivers!

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