Why Your Company Culture Matters

Are you actively shaping your organization’s culture, or just letting it grow on its own? Here’s why you should be mindful of culture.

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Workplace culture is often overlooked as an important part of how a company functions. At KB Staffing, we recognize the effect that culture has on employee morale and productivity. It takes a bit of planning and implementation, but a healthy culture would ultimately benefit everyone associated with your business.

The Importance of Workplace Culture

The culture of your company is the character and personality of the organization. It is portrayed tangibly by the physical appearance of the workspace, such as the décor and what personalizations employees bring to their individual stations. Culture is also expressed through the company’s vision, mission, and values, and how well these correlate to the beliefs and philosophies of the organization.

Culture has the capacity to affect your business at every level. A toxic or unpleasant culture can result in high turnover and disgruntled employees. A healthy company culture will attract talented, qualified workers, and keep them employed with you longer. Happy employees will result in greater job satisfaction and better performance. If you find that your employees seem to hate their jobs and consistently underperform, it may be time for you to honestly evaluate your workplace culture.

Some of the factors that affect a company’s culture are things like leadership, workplace practices, and communications. Basically, the managers and leaders in your organization need to maintain healthy communications with employees. There should be an appropriate level of transparency in regards to decision making and information sharing. The methods used to recruit, select, train, pay, and recognize the outstanding service of employees also impacts the culture. Employees want to feel that they are being treated fairly and their efforts are being acknowledged. They also need to have an acceptable work/life balance. Workplace traditions, such as company picnics or team-building activities can also enhance the organization’s culture.

Trust KB Staffing to Handle the Details

While you are refining your company’s culture and dealing with the day-to-day operations, let KB Staffing to handle your HR responsibilities. We are an expert staffing service that has experience taking care of unemployment claims, workers’ compensation claims, payroll, and more. The Polk County workforce knows that they can count on us to find great jobs with outstanding companies in Lakeland, Winter Haven, and the rest of Polk County.

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