KB Staffing Is Still Open

In these uncertain times, many people are out of work. KB Staffing is open and has open positions available.

At KB Staffing, we know everyone is a little on edge these days. As the coronavirus pandemic continues to infect thousands of people, its repercussions are felt throughout the global community. Every aspect of society is being affected, and many people are unsure what the future has in store for them. Job security is on a lot of people’s minds. Life will go on, however, and though many businesses are having to slow or temporarily halt operations, soon enough we’ll be getting back to normal and companies will be eager to make up for lost time.

KB Staffing Is Staying Busy

During these uncertain times, those of us working in industries deemed “essential” are grateful to still have a steady income. Though many companies have had to temporarily close, there are still a lot of places looking for staff. KB Staffing is open and placing as many people as possible in available positions.

As life returns to normal, we expect to see an uptick in several industries, including construction, shipping, receiving, loading, unloading, and manufacturing. When these industries are back to running at full capacity, they are going to need an influx of workers. KB Staffing stands ready to connect the Polk County workforce with exciting new Central Florida jobs. We expect to see an increase in Polk County employment opportunities when we are all released from our quarantines and can finally go back into the world to work and play.

Ready to Work

When the danger has passed and everyone is ready to return to life as we know it, KB Staffing will be here, an expert staffing service ready to help local businesses find the staffing solutions they need. Until that time, we encourage everyone to stay safe, stay home as much as possible, and wash your hands frequently.

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