You May Have More Skills Than You Think!

When you’re looking for Polk County employment opportunities that match your skill set, it’s important to accurately assess just what skills you possess. KB Staffing is here to remind you that many of your skills that you thought were job-specific may actually transfer over to other types of positions, too!

The Value of Transferable Skills

Sometimes a job posting will list such specific skills required for a position, that it can seem like the only people qualified for that job are people who previously held the position! We at KB Staffing have seen plenty of these types of ads over the years, and while they may be intimidating at first, sometimes they just require a little creative thinking.

“Transferable skills” are the skills that workers have gained through their experience in the Polk County workforce. This term can also refer to inherent skills possessed by many outstanding workers, such as the ability to communicate well, a team-oriented mentality, and a strong work ethic. 

As a job seeker, it is helpful to write a list of all of your marketable skills. Include those that are industry-specific as well as those that are more general. It should be obvious how your general skills can transfer into new roles, but the skills that are more specific to a particular job you held may require deeper consideration. Try thinking about how your specific skills carry over into your everyday life, or the processes you went through in order to refine those skills. This could inspire ideas as to how those skills would be valuable to a potential employer.

If you’re an employer or hiring manager, consider the skills listed on a candidate’s resume in a broader context. During an interview you might ask them to describe what periphery skills they acquired in the course of developing their particular professional skills.

KB Staffing Considers All Skills Valuable

When the team at KB Staffing reviews resumes, we like to consider how the applicants’ skills can be applied in new contexts. As an expert staffing service committed to the Central Florida economy and the workers of Polk County, we know that the ability to learn and adapt is the most valuable skill any candidate can possess!

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