Staffing Doesn’t Have to Be a Nightmare

This can be a frightening time of year for the Polk County workforce and the Polk County companies they work for. With the dark days of autumn upon us, stress builds as the days shorten and nights grow long. KB Staffing is here to keep you safe from all the scary situations that can arise from being short-staffed.

When You Need More Bodies…

We’ve all been there – late nights working overtime in the lab, setting up all the equipment to bring your latest creation to life, when suddenly a bolt of lightning illuminates the workbench and you have a dreadful realization: You never got around to digging up a brain for your monster!

A clap of thunder rattles you back to reality and you call out for your assistant, Igor. But Igor isn’t in the lab! He left early to take the hellhounds to the dog groomer! Now here you are, in the middle of the perfect storm to capture the vital energy needed to animate the form on your cold slab of a work area, and you’re short-staffed. 

If only you had prepared ahead of time! Now, you’ll be heading to a conference of mad scientists next week and have nothing to show for it, thanks to a lack of planning. If you had called KB Staffing and set up to have some temporary workers come in to cover Igor’s shift while he took care of your lab’s glowing-eyed, growling mascot, then you’d have extra hands available to round up the all-important missing component to your project! 

You sink further into your nightmare, exhausted and disappointed in what should’ve been your greatest triumph. Next time you’ll know better. Next time you’ll call KB Staffing for quick staffing solutions.

Don’t Be Scared!

If this nightmare sounds familiar, just imagine how frightening it will be when the holidays strike and you don’t have the staff you need available to keep up with demand! Don’t get caught short-handed; call KB Staffing to get the bodies you’ll need lined up in time.

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