Cell Phones in the Workplace

In case you were wondering what is and is not acceptable cell phone behavior at work, we have a few tips for you.

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It’s 2020 and cell phones are an important part of most people’s lives. These handy devices keep us connected to our loved ones and our business associates, they function as notepads, calendars, and timers, and they provide us with hours of entertainment. Cell phones are here to stay. That being said, at KB Staffing we encourage employees to use common sense and good cell phone etiquette while on the job. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind to prevent your phone from getting you in trouble at work.

Cell Phone Etiquette at Work

Most of these tips are pretty well understood, but any of us can get a little carried away with our phone from time to time, so we offer the following as gentle reminders of how to use your phone at work.

  • Put it away! Avoid distraction by tucking your phone into a desk drawer, locker, handbag, or wherever you keep your personal items while on the clock.
  • Turn the ringer off! If you must keep your phone handy, put it in your pocket on vibrate. You’ll be alerted to calls and messages without disrupting your co-workers or boss.
  • Step out to take the call. There are times when you will need to answer or return a call immediately. When this happens, go somewhere private where you will not present an annoyance to co-workers and you can speak without being overheard.
  • Stay out of the bathroom! The bathroom is NOT the right kind of private place to take a call. For one thing, it’s rude to the person on the phone to invite them into the restroom with you, and furthermore, it’s an invasion of privacy to potentially broadcast the personal business of whoever may be in the powder room with you.
  • Stay off the phone during meetings. The only exception here is for those times when the phone’s function is related to the meeting. Otherwise, stay off the phone and pay attention. This rule applies to texting and games as well! There’s no faster way to show disrespect and disinterest than typing away on your phone while your peer or manager is talking or presenting.

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