Employment History Gaps May Not Mean What You Think

There are a number of very valid reasons that a job applicant may have gaps in their work history, and it’s important that a recruiter fairly evaluates a candidate whose resume has gaps. At KB Staffing, we carefully screen all candidates for work that apply through us, and we’d like to share some tips for employers who routinely dismiss those applicants from the Polk County workforce who have some gaps in their work history.

Evaluating Work History
First and foremost, we encourage employers to keep an open mind when reviewing a candidate’s job history. Refrain from making assumptions, even if those assumptions are based on past experiences. Every situation is different and should be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

At KB Staffing, we understand that there are many explanations for resume gaps. There are plenty of people who have taken time out of their careers to focus on caring for family members, whether that means children or older adults. Family should be a top priority, and it wouldn’t be fair to penalize an applicant for taking care of their loved ones. 

Health reasons can also cause a person to lose time at work, and there’s nothing anyone can do about that. Nobody wants to be sick or injured, and the only way to regain one’s health is through rest and recuperation. 

Going back to school to receive further training and add additional skills to one’s resume is an excellent reason for a pause in the work history. This type of absence from the working world should serve as a reason to consider hiring a candidate rather than as grounds for eliminating that person from the list of potential new hires.

We Understand That Life Happens
We at KB Staffing are regular people, too, just like our clients and the workers we hire. We understand that things happen and that life is full of unexpected occurrences, and sometimes these events affect a person’s ability to work. Fortunately, we have temporary staffing options available and full-time temp jobs to help people get back into the swing of things after needing time off.

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