Get Your Resume Past the Software

To even get a chance at a job these days, you first have to make sure your resume makes it past the computerized filter.

In this digital age, it is more important than ever that your resume be computer-friendly. Many companies make use of software that sorts resumes before they even make it to the recruiter’s hands. At KB Staffing, we want to help you get your resume into the right hands as quickly as possible. To that end, we’ve come up with some tips to help ensure that your resume makes it past the electronic gatekeepers.

Tips for Getting Your Resume Through the Electronic Door

  • Always submit it in Word. Although it might seem tempting to convert your resume to a PDF, applicant tracking systems often can’t translate them. Also, the recruiter may need to remove your contact info in order to show your resume to others. Play it safe and use Word.
  • Be consistent with your formatting. However you structure the first job you have listed, make sure the rest of your positions follow the same pattern.
  • List each position separately, even if they are with the same company. Avoid “nesting” positions under one company. This can cause the software to miss important information.
  • Keep the formatting simple. Don’t use columns or tables to list information. Avoid using paragraphs for job descriptions. Stay away from images and fonts that create symbols. All of these things can confuse the tracking systems and cause your information to be sorted incorrectly or left out.
  • Use a separate line for each item of your contact information. Format your contact information as if you are writing a letter. Don’t just put it all on one line.
  • Use keywords in the headers and body of your resume. Applicant tracking systems are looking for keywords and phrases, so make sure you are using ones relevant to the position you are applying for.

Once you have your resume complete, submit it to KB Staffing. We’re happy to take a look and make any necessary recommendations. We have a wide catalogue of Polk County employment opportunities, and would love to help you find a position. Whether you’re looking for full time temp jobs or temp-to-hire jobs, we can help.

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