How to Answer a Tricky Interview Question

Interviews can be stressful. Preparation is key to success. Make sure you have an answer in mind for this question an interviewer may ask.

Interviews are fraught with questions designed to make you think on your feet. KB Staffing can help you prepare for interviews with potential employers. The object of these sometimes tricky questions is to draw you out and learn about you through your answers. The key, then, is to make the questions work for you. Don’t get flustered or overwhelmed, just answer deliberately and with preparation. Here a few pointers for handling a particularly thorny question that an interviewer may ask you.

What Are They Really Asking?

A potential employer may ask you something along the lines of, “Is there anything else we should have asked you?” Don’t let it stump you! Be prepared for this type of questioning and have your answer in mind. So how should you answer?

  • Is there anything you’re proud of that hasn’t come up yet? If there is something you have forgotten to mention or that you haven’t received adequate formal recognition for, now is a good time to bring it up. This could be an award you received, a goal you completed, or some other milestone or achievement. Take advantage of the opportunity to brag just a little.
  • Give some details about your accomplishments. Companies want to know about the data behind what you’ve done. Provide them with the facts and figures to back up what you’ve already established about yourself.
  • Be confident! It’s OK to be proud of yourself. Confidence is a major selling point. However, take care that your confidence doesn’t cross over into arrogance. That is a much less desirable trait. Also, give credit where credit is due. If you had help on a project, give that person or people some recognition. It will show that you are a team player who values the input of your colleagues.

When you are ready to start going on some interviews, call KB Staffing. We want to help you find the Central Florida jobs that are right for you. KB Staffing is an expert staffing service dedicated to helping our workers and our clients succeed.



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