How COVID-19 Could Affect the Economy

Coronavirus might have nearly everything grinding to a halt right now, but this will end. What will happen next?

The coronavirus pandemic is affecting every aspect of our lives – including the economy. While it seems now like the world has ground to a halt, soon enough the danger will have passed and things will be up and running again. How will this crisis affect industry long-term though? At KB Staffing, we have a few ideas of what to expect in the coming months, and we anticipate that the manufacturing sector will soon be booming.

More Manufacturing Jobs

One effect the coronavirus is having on our society is the dawning realization that overreliance on foreign producers can have a devastating effect in the event of a major catastrophe, such as a global pandemic. Around the world, borders are closing as countries struggle to contain the virus and treat the infected. This means that imports and exports are experiencing massive delays.

Once the current threat has passed, we expect to see a surge of factories opening across the U.S. as entrepreneurs scramble to provide marketable goods with the security of domestic availability. People are going to be more aware of where their products are coming from, and want an assurance they those products will be reliably available no matter what happens in the world. Those new factories will need workers.

Building new factories will create many construction jobs, and then the factories themselves will need to be staffed. Unemployment will be high after the pandemic ends, so there will be lots of people looking for work. Some individuals may use the opportunity to switch career fields. Construction and manufacturing is going to be big business in the coming years.

KB Staffing Will Be Here

Rest assured that when life returns to normal, KB Staffing will still be here to provide staffing solutions for your business. We are committed to keeping the Polk County workforce employed by staying abreast of what is available for Central Florida jobs. So call us when you are ready to go back to work or ready to hire new staff for your company.

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