KB Staffing Helps Veterans Find Great Jobs

At KB Staffing, we have a deep appreciation for all those who have served in the U.S. military. That takes a level of commitment and courage that not everyone possesses. Once you’ve completed your service, returning to civilian life can present some unique challenges. Finding work in Polk County shouldn’t be one of them!

Job Search Tips for Veterans
While many employers are glad to welcome vets into their company, sometimes the challenge is landing the interview in the first place. Here are a few tips from the expert staffing service professionals at KB Staffing to help you succeed.

  • Sell yourself! As a veteran, you’ve acquired some valuable skills, so highlight these talents as you craft your resume and talk to recruiters. Attributes such as leadership ability, team mentality, time-management skills, and problem-solving acuity will appeal to any employer.
  • Translate your work experience. Not everyone is familiar with the terms and duties associated with military service, so remember to phrase your experiences in such a way as to make sense to hiring managers. You don’t need to use technical details of your military work either, broad descriptions of what you did will be easier to understand.
  • Consider working for local companies. In the armed forces, you were part of a huge organization that incorporated thousands of individuals all over the globe in a vast array of capacities. It’s natural to aim for a large corporation when sending out your resume, but don’t dismiss smaller, local businesses in your list of potential employers. These companies are often looking for someone with your special skills to help boost their productivity, giving you a chance to make a real impact on a growing company!

KB Staffing Has Your Back
Get your application started with KB Staffing online today, and we can use our staffing experience to help you find the perfect role for you in the Polk County workforce. Believe us – it will be an honor to assist you!

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