Keys to Keeping and Retaining Working Parents

Many working parents are struggling with childcare issues because of COVID, so it’s important for employers to be flexible if they want to retain these valuable employees.

One of the side effects of the COVID-19 crisis is that parents of children face new challenges in terms of childcare. When schools and daycares have to shut down, or children need to quarantine, parents have to make some decisions. Many have opted to simply stay home to care for children. KB Staffing understands the stress this places on families and employers, and we want to offer some staffing solutions for those affected by these novel challenges.

Keeping Working Parents Working

First of all, KB Staffing wants to commend all of the parents doing so much to keep their families safe and healthy while still having to make ends meet. We know this is no easy feat.

With that said, we also understand the pressure that employers are under to keep their businesses adequately staffed. Staffing during a pandemic carries a host of obstacles to contend with. Keeping the employees you already have becomes more important than ever.

In order to retain employees who have families at home to care for, flexibility is the name of the game. Take stock of your policies and evaluate how truly family-friendly they are. Absenteeism due to childcare needs should be taken into account. Can your company afford to offer a stipend for childcare, or establish an onsite daycare facility?

Parents tend to have exceptional skills when it comes to leadership, adaptability, and multitasking. They may be able to perform their job with greater efficiency than other workers. Measure performance based on results, not on hours, and you may see that your parents on staff truly shine.

Finally, consider how much work can realistically be done remotely, and, if possible, make that an option. Many parents still need to work to put food on the table, so remote options are especially appealing when they have children at home.

KB Staffing Has Staffing Solutions

When you find your company still needs more hands than you have available, call on KB Staffing to effectively reach the Polk County workforce. We understand what Polk County businesses and employees need, and we work to integrate the two to create positive results for everyone.

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