One Wrong Hire Can Unravel Your Hard Work

KB Staffing provides staffing solutions for Polk County companies, and a key to that strategy is to choose the right candidate for each open position. We don’t send random workers out to full-time temp jobs or temp-to-hire jobs! Our workers are carefully screened and vetted to ensure that you get the right person for your job.

Why the Right Hire Matters

It’s easy to say you want the best person for a job, but if you stop and consider the impact that hiring the wrong candidate can have on your organization, you may realize how truly imperative it is to get the right person the first time. KB Staffing has seen the damage a bad hire can leave behind, and we want our clients to avoid that type of setback.

Hiring someone who lacks the necessary skills for the tasks they are hired for can cause an immediate drop in productivity. Other employees may be forced to pick up the slack, causing them to fall behind in their own tasks, leading to a domino effect of lost time and productivity. This can cause frustration for workers as they see their efforts wasted as deadlines are missed and customers begin to complain.

A poor customer experience caused by an inept new hire can tarnish a business’s public reputation. As word spreads through the community of the difficulties customers are having with a company business may begin to slow down, causing unwanted negative financial repercussions for the company. If the questionable new hire is in a public role with the company and is rude to customers, lacks knowledge of what the company offers, or is otherwise incompetent, this will also lead to dissatisfaction among customers. 

These problems can ultimately lead to a decrease in company morale, which can be a challenge to correct, even once the problem is rooted out and the wrong hire is replaced with a more suitable candidate.

Avoid Hiring the Wrong Person

Trust KB Staffing to send you excellent candidates and you can be confident that you’ve made the right decision on who to hire.

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