These Strategies Can Help to Increase Efficiency in Warehouses

KB Staffing offers warehouse staffing services for a number of companies in Polk County. As an expert staffing service, we encourage our workers to maximize their productive capabilities on every job we send them to. The following pointers can help warehouse workers do their best on the job.

Excelling at Warehouse Work

At KB Staffing, we believe in putting forth one’s best effort in any job task. Sometimes this can be a challenge, especially if you’re new in a particular role. So here are some ideas to help warehouse managers and workers streamline their processes.

  • Velocity-based slotting. This is a method of picking products whereby data is analyzed to determine which products are most frequently requested, and then placing those items closest to where shipments are packed.
  • Zone picking method. Another process often utilized in warehouses is to assign workers to specific zones within the warehouse. Orders are passed from zone to zone and workers pull all the products from their zone and pack them before passing an order on to the next zone.
  • Batch picking. For this method, a worker would receive several orders at once and be responsible for adding a specific product to each order. The orders are then passed to the next worker to add another product. This way, the orders move around the warehouse instead of the workers.
  • Wave picking. This method prioritizes deadlines, as orders move in waves through the picking process based on how quickly they need to go out. This method can utilize other picking methods to further streamline the process and keep everything going out on schedule. 

Working Together on Big Jobs

Ultimately, each warehouse will analyze its needs and its resources to choose a method of picking and packing that is most efficient for that site. KB Staffing encourages our workers to be flexible and adapt to different processes used in various locations. 

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