Staffing Solutions Start with People: Temporary Employee Spotlight

At KB Staffing, we love supporting the Central Florida workforce and providing alternative means of employment. Our temporary staffing positions are an important aspect of what we do, and we wouldn’t be able to meet the needs of our clients without a skilled and trustworthy team of temporary employees.

Today we’ll spotlight one of those valued employees, Irma Gonzalez.

Irma is retired and came to KB Staffing with years of office experience. Her resume includes positions in offices dedicated to legal work, accounting, hotel management and more. KB Staffing has acquired two placements for Irma so far; one as a trainer for a production staff who utilized her fluency in Spanish, and another as a receptionist and administrative assistant for an engineering company while their office transitioned to a new system. Those lasted one week and four weeks, respectively.

The flexibility of temporary employment is very convenient for her, Irma said, and so is the part-time work. She felt comfortable with her placements and confident that they were within her skill level. Irma would ultimately like to find permanent part-time employment, but she is happy to continue offering KB Staffing her expertise as a temporary employee until that happens.

“I recommend KB Staffing highly, they’ve been very helpful to me,” Irma said. “Especially at this time in my life; it’s hard to place someone who is retired, and they’ve managed to employ me. I’m quite grateful to them.”

“I recommend them for anybody in my situation who’s retired and looking for employment.”

Thanks so much for that recommendation, Irma! We’re happy to help you and all of our temporary employees. For more information on temporary employment, you can contact us, call 863-875-5721 or come apply in person at our Winter Haven office. You can also take a look at our Job Opportunities to see if any are right for you.

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